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THE FRANKENSTRAT - was originally a japanese black strat copy, was bought from a son of a carpenter who did the artistic work and sold it with different pickups, hardware and scalloped neck. Few years later, except the body, everything was completely replaced. The current pickups are Dimrzio cruisers.

FIRST LOVE - Ilan's first guitar, was given as a gift at the age of 14.

A chinese Les Paul copy by S101, Gibson logo was faked on the headstock by seller. 

Took part in all Bishgada's recordings.

HAPPY HEART - Vintage Zerosette guitar, was made in the '60.

Original single pickup was replaced for Seymour Duncan hot rodded set.

Was given as a gift by Yakov Lev-Sameach, A percussionist and musical instruments builder. 


Two Tone JTM45 copy - hand made Marshall-based amp with some changes. Usually connected to a 212 custom cab, loaded with Celestion elements from '78 (The cab was given in a trade for CRate V50, the previous amp in "OUT OF THE ROCK" recordings, which can be heard at the song "Drive, Bach!".


Bsiab2 - Cranked Marshall style Distortion pedal, custom made by Michael Asouline. 

Partzufuzz - an improved fuzz face (the printed name is hebrew translated). Was also built by Michael Asouline.

Mojo Chorus - custom made chourus/vibrato, was also built by Michael Asouline.

Micro Q tron - Ehx's Cool envelope filter, starring mainly in the songs "Wakey wakey" & "Horse carousel".

Vision wah - a special wah by Roger Mayer, currently replacing a modded vox 847. 

Both are taking part at the recordings.

Tape delay - Delay pedal by Empress

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