Ilan D. Sabach (Ilan Dor Sabach) is a guitarist and composer from Tel Aviv, Israel.


Picking up one of ‘dad's guitars’ at the age of 14, Ilan started learning independently by ear and with the help of his father, Charlie and some school friends.


Focusing on self teaching, Ilan read popular music history from the 60s on. 

He planned chronologically his music learning journey by following and exploring his favorite artists from different generes, the artists that influenced them and the new tech over the years that changed the way music was made and heard.


After a base level and some musical understanding was achieved, Ilan started to compose his first pieces, and explored his own sound, while developing technical, creative and expressive skills. 


Later, Ilan joined the Israeli rock band Bishgada, an original funk rock band in Hebrew.

Bishgada had it's moments in the Israeli rock scene.

Beside being a member of Bishgada, Ilan has played with various artists such as Sima Levy Duchin, Avi Bar, Margalit Ankory, Matityahu band and more - mainly to the rhythms of Rock, Pop, Psychedelic, Reggae and Funk.


After being influenced more by Fusion, Flamenco, Classical, World Music and Experimental, Ilan left the guitarist position of Bishgada and artists that he played with at that time to start work on his first solo project, an instrumental debut album - "Out Of The Rock".


Ilan is also the lead guitarist for the musical "Evita", that is accompanied by a live orchestra, showing at Israel's national theater, Habima.

"Out Of The Rock" is Ilan's main work, gearing up for a live show premier on July.

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